Watership Down – An utterly engaging adventure story.

Completely engrossing,

It’s been many years since I read Watership Down, too many, really. What an adventure! Adams’s rabbits are surprisingly charismatic and thoroughly human. Hazel, the novel’s protagonist is the rodent version of the Everyman, following the prophetic visions of his little brother, Fiver (the fifth and runt of the litter), and becoming the hero when he sets off to do what needs must.

The rabbits have their own mythology and legends, giving an unexpected depth to what was essentially a children’s tale. Classic themes: good against evil, the struggle to survive, the struggle for self-determination, make this a must read for anyone interested in, ironically enough, tales that revolve around the dynamics of human nature.

A bit like Lord of the Rings. With rabbits.

Five stars and a must read. Find it on Amazon.


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