GRIFT – Book Review

If you enjoy stories of clever comeuppance with a side of dirty dealings, “Grift” is a fun read. It’s a new adult take on the con, with great characters. Protagonist Piper is a 17-year-old grifter in Las Vegas, teamed up with a modern-day Fagin’s crew. When the gang crosses a local big time player, Piper has to use her wits to save her sister. As a long-time fan of the TV show “Leverage,” I really enjoyed reading about the cons and schemes. Maybe they’re on the wrong side of the law, but it’s hard to feel any sympathy for their marks. After all, most of what they do involves exploiting the mark’s own worst intentions.

Piper is fun to follow, and the contrast between her con artist self and her real, vulnerable self keeps her interesting. Her devotion to her sister and her naivete in the face of real romance is quite endearing. It’s hard not to root for her completely.

The writing itself could use some judicious trimming and can be a bit uneven in spots, but once the plot really kicks in, it’s engaging and well paced. “Grift” is a good first effort from Jason Mosberg, with a solid and engaging plot and relateable characters.

As of the time of this posting, you can download Grift for free from Amazon here.


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