How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days – Review

Although my general preference and background lies in fiction, particularly genre fiction, I also work in sports book publishing, usually in historical non-fiction. I was asked by an author to take a look at his training guide for basketball players, and I admit I was pretty impressed.

“How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days” is a very well laid-out manual for any youngster looking to get into the sport or any player wanting to up their game. Most sports self-help and training books tend to be filled with motivational fluff, but author and coach James Wilson pretty much cuts to the chase and gets to the heart of the basketball skills required to improve your performance on the court.

I’m always interested in the science and physiology of sports training, and Wilson provides enough science regarding form and power to educate without loading down the reader with overwhelming technical data.

The book illustrates the fundamentals in an impressively clear way, and Wilson’s instructional narrative voice is easy to follow. Fascinating detail on the hows and whys of good form that just clicks as soon as you read it. The 21-day training plan is well detailed and includes a great balance of strength, speed, and kinetic improvement with appropriate flexibility training and recovery time.

Excellent tool for basketball players and coaches and can be purchased on Amazon.


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