Book Review – A Dead Place Calls by John White

Finch the Heretic has a problem. In order to get back on the right side of the Church, he must journey with a fanatical knight to rescue the small boys who sees visions of the future. Or is rescue really part of the plan?

A Dead Place Calls presented me with conflict. With a tight storyline and an expertly plotted pace, this novella sweeps you along in an adventure that doesn’t stop to pause for even a moment. Exciting and engaging, this is an exhilarating read, and John White has done just enough world building to immerse the reader in a medieval, fantasy setting. The problem was, I wanted more. I wanted to know more about the Heretics, the Priests of Helden, and the Hand of God. I would not have minded falling fully into this world and immersing myself in its culture.

That said, A Dead Place Calls walks the line between literature and genre fiction with deft and precise steps. One does not need to be “fantasy” fan to enjoy the story. It’s a tale of redemption. Finch is an unlikely hero—a con man, a liar, a faker—who finds redemption despite, and even in direct conflict with, the acknowledged status quo, the so-called “good guys.”

Finely written, with excellent character development within the confines of a brusquely drawn world, A Dead Place Calls is the perfect short read for both fantasy and literary readers. I certainly hope John White brings us back to this place again to explore it further, and lets us spend more time with Finch.

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